Vines taking over what to do!

moonpuppieMay 24, 2008

Hello, So I'm new to this whole gardening thing but I'm making head way well I will be once I figure out how to get rid of all these vines. I hacked every thing down off the fence line several times a year for 3 years now but nothing seems to work I'm against using chemicals and tried vinegar and lemon oil but it hasn't seemed to work. I have honeysuckle with small white flowers, wisteria, morning glory, and something I can't identify it has large heart shaped leaves and makes potatoes but not in the ground on the vine and they fall off in droves. Can any one help me I had just cut this all down and planted hedges all along the fence line when it rained and now the vines are covering my fence again. All I wanted was a little privacy but I don't want these vines to kill the shrubs I just planted out. Any thoughts woud be appreciated.

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Hi, that potato vine sounds interesting, and strange at the same time. My husband and I have a problem with Trumpet Vines and are going to be starting in a day or two to take them down and kill them. I know what you are going through...the feeling of loss when you try so hard. This is what I would do. The ones that are woody, dig out the roots and get every piece of the root and throw it in a bag, not a compost pile. Dispose of it. Then anything that shows any green, paint those leaves with Round Up so that it takes it down to the roots you may have missed. When chopping the roots, paint it on the newly cut root as well. I would paint the RoundUp on your leaves of all your vines, if you are sure you want everything gone. Be careful not to spray the Round Up as you may get it on other flowers, grass, etc. Wear safety glasses and gloves and beware of the wind/breeze. I hope this helps. Not sure what you have and it is too bad that we have to resort sometimes to chemicals which is the last resort...but sometimes must be done.

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Your unknown sounds like an Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera), a very invasive vine. I've heard that it's causing problems in parts of FL. I also don't use chemicals but you might need to consider it in order to eradicate the vines. Vine-X was recommended to me to get rid of some problem brambles. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: air potato

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Thanks for all the help I king of figured I'd have to use the round up and I've seen the vine-x also and will try both as well as cutting it back. It's too hot here to try to dig all that up. And I looked up the Air Potato (Dioscorea bulbifera) and that is it it has managed to spread to Ga. (I'm only about 30 miles from Fl)I guess I need to burn potatoes I find since they are so invasive. Too bad I hate to kill any thing. Happy gardening to all.

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