I'm new to wisteria...sort of

bart_2010(8/9 Italy)May 2, 2014

Last fall I planted out 6 new wisteria plants in my very large garden. All were bought from respectable nurseries,but it was autumn, so none were in bloom of course. Now, in their first year in my garden, one has pruduced two flowers. I'm not particularly worried since all are young plants. I've been treating them more or less as I would any young plant in my garden (i.e.,fertilizing them). Now, when should I start pruning them? I do want them to get big and grow into the trees,but I don't want to compromise their ability to flower in the future.
I'm a bit perplexed, since everyone seems to warn about how fast and aggressively wisteria grows, but this has not been my experience with my two older wisteria plants. One of these is Amethyst falls,which is an American wisteria, so it's not strange that it has contained growth, but the other is a "Prolific", which I think is a sinensis,and therefore ought to be fast growing,but mine has been in place for 4 or 5 years now, and it still has a very contained habit,growing as a tree form (it is supported on a rebar stake),and only about 6 feet tall. I don't fuss over it and don't prune it regularly at all,and it blooms, but it just stays small! rather perverse, since most people complain that their wisterias get so big and are so hard to control...I, on the other hand, want mine to get huge and grow into the nearby tree!!! What do you all think? can someone comment, please? bart

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Where are you located?
You don't prune your wisteria and it doesn't grow out of hand? Wow. I can't imagine that.
I do know that you should never fertilzie them.
And don't go out of your way to prune or water them either.
I only water mine when I have to, I have a chinese one in a pot for 5 years now.
I change the soil every other year and root prune it, but that is different from what you want.
How is your soil? That could be it.
I wouldn't fertilize them and water when you have to, and don't prune them if you want them to get real big for you.
That's all you do.
Good Luck.

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