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nkrzMay 3, 2008

I have a trumpet vine that I bought as a bare root. This will be the third year I've had it, and just wondered how long I will have to wait till it blooms? The first year I planted it, it grew about twelve inches, then last year it almost took over my trellis. I really want to see it bloom because I planted it for the hummingbirds I get. Any ideas?

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JMC1(z5 NH)

Hi, I live in zone 5 (NH) and planted trumpet vine years ago. As a matter of fact I ended up planting three (around a telephone pole) because they didn't seem to grow. WEll just wait. Unfortunately mine have been growing for many years and are just now starting to take off. Am told that it sometimes takes up to 10 yrs! My wisteria literally took 7 yrs before it flowered. Patience that I hope will be duely rewarded. Good luck. Jan

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It took about 3 years for mine to bloom. Make sure that it's getting enough sun. If not you'll just get foliage and no flowers. Be careful that it doesn't take over your yard.

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JMC1(z5 NH)

nkrz, Forgot to mention someone told me that if you root prune it shocks them to flower. Also no nitrogen, but you probably know that already. Jan z5-NH

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We moved in 9 years ago and it was just a baby. Yesterday we had to cut it down and took a chainsaw to the trunk. (yes, trunk...it's HUGE)
We just got new gutter and roof and it started pulling the gutter off the porch and was trying to get in between the roof and shingles. We kept cutting it back and it would grow even stronger.
I'm very sad by this because it was beautiful and we would get so many hummingbirds. I'm going to say it took about 3 years for us to see flowers on it.

I am planting another one along my fence away from the house. I hope it takes.

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Hi. My husband and I are in the process of getting rid of ours. We moved into this house two years ago and loved it at first until we started to see little sprouts coming up all over the lawn. Probably about 50 of them. They bloom fantastically (must have been here for years, I guess) and the hummingbirds come and as much as we love that, the trumpet vines are very invasive. They are now rooting on the neighbours fence (she doesn't care but she has no idea what will happen to her lawn). I wouldn't recommend this vine if you have a small yard. IN the country it would be amazing. I also wonder if there are a range of varieties of this vine because we are very worried about the underground roots coming up everywhere but many people simply don't see it as a problem. They are about fifteen feet from where the "mother plants" are and it is getting closer and closer to the house. They are too destructive to take a chance just because they are beautiful. We dug a garden six feet from the fence where they are and you should have seen the root system! The size of my thumb around! I have heard it getting the size of a wrist! This worries me. I fear that we will fail but it is worth the try because they are trying to smother our other bushes already. Too bad they are such a scary vine for some situations. If I lived in the country, I would have them far far away but the orange in the flowers is just so striking.

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