Clay pots in a tub

mazelady(2)March 21, 2013

I'm trying to beautify my back yard with flowers. So containers spread around the yard works best for me. But here in the heat, I'd have to water daily, sometimes twice daily.

I'm wondering if I grouping 3 pots in a tub and watering the tub every few days would work. Of course I would seal the drain hole so the plants wouldn't drown.

Would this work?

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I do that with some plants, and especially with my bamboo, which drink a lot of water. I have one pot of bamboo that has been in a larger tub of water for a few years now. I never submerge them more than halfway in water, but it works well.

The only darwback is you have to put something in it to keep the mosquitoes out, that or change the water regularly.


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Mazelady - I call my dogs my own personal aerators. Sometimes I call them other things too :-) It can be pretty frustrating.

If you have good drainage I don't see why putting pots inside a tub wouldn't work. Another thing I've done is put tomato cages over plants when they're new transplants. The dogs usually are most interested in the soft dirt that you just dug in to plant something. If you protect the plants for a while they get established and let the dirt settle in it seems to help. But not the most attractive look when you have a bunch of cages in a flower bed.

From what I understand some breeds are just more likely to dig and will even dig in established areas. The tomato cages probably wouldn't work as well with those dogs.

Good luck - Lisa

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Clay pots dry out more quickly than vinyl ones do. I have quit using the clay containers for this reason. I do use the large saucers under my container plants that require a lot of water. They dry out often enough that I don't have to use mosquito dunks in them.

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I have tomatoe cages everywhere and three very large, destructive dogs. Oh, and chickens.
Lay the tomato cages on their sides with the ends poking out, the dogs won`t go near them once they get stabbed. Some plants it looks like the Indians are attacking and the wagons (tomato cages) have been circled.
Tally HO!

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