Another Poison ID (56K Warning)

max080May 12, 2009

Forgive the numbers of pictures here, but I am driving myself crazy determining what is and isn't poison ivy at my new home. I'm a first time home owner with little to no gardening experience so I'm guessing to be a pro when this is all said and done. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a mixture of greenery, the leaves of three are lurking heavily here.

Different Angle

Leaves of three, but the bottom leaves are making me thing they are not poison because they are touching, without individual stems?

On The Tree

Different Look

On the same tree, appears to be Virginia Creeper?

I think I've ruled this one out, I looked at the picture and see little thorns on the side of the vine

And Lastly

I'll inspect the stems closer this evening, I didn't even notice the small thorns on the vines before so I'll check that first. There are so many variations it's confusing me. The stems of the leaves all appear to be green and not woody, and the leaves all seem to be a flat green without the sheen. Any help that anyone could give would be most appreciated. Thanks!!!

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photo #1 thru #6 are Poison Ivy ; photo #7 is Virginia Creeper and photo #8 is some type of raspberry ; photo #9 is Poison Ivy...

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That my friend, is terrible news..........

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Oh dear, I would have to agree. And here is worse news. V Creeper can give people similar reactions so use gloves if you are getting rid of it. Most people are fine with it, but some people have severe reactions. If you like your tree, keep it in pruned back or it can swallow the tree. I keep one in a container and it still grows 20 feet.

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Agreeing also.....LEAVES OF THREE, LET IT BE ! Remember all parts of Poison Ivy are poison, leaves, stems, roots and blooms. In the Fall it has small white or greenish berries. Poison Ivy does not really vine, it will grow taller to reach some sun.

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

poison ivy will climb and vine like an Ivy, it has roots that will grab and cling to the tree, or a wall and take off, I've seen it 30 feet and higher in trees here in New England.
I'm one of the lucky ones that also gets a reaction to the sap of virginia creeper. Found that out one february when making wreaths out of the vine. Positive it was VC. I had a nasty poison ivy like rash that lasted about 2 weeks.
Max, be careful around the PI, spray,spray,spray, then dress in clothes you can destroy, wear googles, thick gloves, and bag and remove the dead vines, roots and what ever you can get hold of. DO NOT BURN IT!!! the oil can become airborne with burning and you can wind up with a reaction in your nose and lungs.

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Thanks everyone, as of right now I have just been spraying all of the vines I can find and spraying again and again. Come to find out the previous owner had a Trellis and it is covered in grape vines which we couldn't wait to see what it produced. Upon further inspection, I found a nice treat tangled within all of those three leafed friend. So, it looks like the Trellis will soon meet its demise as the poison has intertwined nicely between the grape vine. It's a shame, the Trellis/Vine provides nice privacy from the neighbors yard. Maybe I'll get brave and try to plant something similar again, it adds a nice touch to the yard I think.

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