Pruning Honeysuckle During The Growing Season

harryshoe zone6 eastern PennsylvaniaMay 28, 2008

I grow Gold Flame and Mandarin honeysuckle. They both look great, but have outgrown their support structures. The Mandarin vines are wrapping around themselves. These combined/wrapped vines become heavy and fall straight down.

I've begun cutting the longest vines away but don't know the long term effects of this pruning.

Is there any technique or timing required to prune these monsters?

Any advice is appreciated.

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It would seem that the vines have established roots. So, pruning less than half of the top growth should do no damage. It will mean fewer blooms this year. Try doing major pruning when they are dormant (late Winter, very early Spring). It will improve the health of the plant since increased air circulation helps with downy mildew.Don't know if you are fertilizing. If so, stop or use only a long acting organic type.

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