Vines for Pergola on a deck

arbond(5 Upstate NY Finger Lakes)May 22, 2010

Want a vine to grow up my pergola - to provide additional shade and beauty. The problem is I can't plant it in ground, because the pergola is on top of a deck. Can you think of a vine that I could plant in pots, perhaps one at each of the 4 posts - that will grow quickly and far enough to work its way across some of the top this summer? Of course, I am sure I will have to cut it down each year as it will die off in the winter correct?

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How large are the pots? I would plant annual vines if you want fast growth and flowers. Morning glories, moonflowers, black eyed susan vine, and mandevilla are a few that come to my mind and I read that all can be grown in containers. Combining morning glories with moonflowers is a good idea, having flowers both night and day. You're a zone colder than me and I usually don't get moonflower blooms until mid August at the least. Starting them early indoors (The method I used was I wrapped the seeds in a moist paper towel placed in a plastic sandwich baggie and placed in a warm, sunny window) will be a good advantage. This is my first year sprouting moonflowers indoors and I had great sucess with them.

I've never grown mandevilla or black eyed susan vines so I can't tell you much on those. I've seen pictures of them and both have nice flowers. Sorry to ramble, but I'm one of those talkative types. There are nice people on here willing to share their advice as well.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Are morning glories easy to germinate?

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