Wow, they really like cantaloupe

smalltowngalJune 1, 2010

I have always read and heard that worms like melons but I didn't realize how much. I put a large piece of cantaloupe in my rubbermaid container and the worms have almost eaten to the skin. They're making pretty good progress on the watermelon too. I have some shredded zucchini from last fall that's been sitting in the freezer all winter so I think I'm going to put a cup or two of that in so it can be ready for them to eat by the time they're done with the melon slices. This is starting to get fun now that they've stopped dieing and started eating. :)

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Mine destroy watermlon also. It looks like they are actually chewing holes through the watermelon.

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good to know!

I added some cantelope skins down the side of the bin in a couple places.

My kids love melon so I also have some saved in a container and a baggie. One in the freezer and one on the table decaying in the sun.


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Hi All! worms don't chew, they just SUCK! : >)

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Well, 2 days later and they've pretty much sucked the cantaloupe dry. I can't believe how fast they worked. They even left me a cocoon on the skin. They're still working on the watermelon and put in the shredded zucchini for them and hopefully they like that.

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