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curlylocksMay 14, 2009

I lost 2 honeysuckle vines this spring. I'm looking to replace them with something different, just for a change. The area they'll be in gets morning sun till about 11 am and they'll be climbing up and (hopefully)over top of an arbor. Can anyone give me any suggestions with what will flower profusely during the summer months, yet not be invasive, and would it be best to plant two vines side by side or just one? Thanks,

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Have you thought about Black Eyed Susan Vine..thunbergia alata? It is an annual but so cheerful and easy to grow. It comes in yellow, orange and a kind of pinky orange color. My nursery has small starts of it because it is pretty late now to start it from seed. I've had it before and I had no trouble with unwanted seedlings the next year like you get with morning glory.

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