vc in garden

cobra2June 23, 2012

I used vc in my garden this year my tomato's are growing big and great along with zuc they are getting real bushy can I trime back some of the brnchies so the can produce more blooms instead of growing big plant's

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I also used VC in my garden this year and WOW are the plants healthy. I started 2 rows of pole beans- one with the seeds started in straight castings and the other without. Germination rate was nearly 100% in the VC and about 40% without! Also seeded lettuce, squash, potatoes, and carrots in castings very successfully. I also spread several inches of vc under the apple tree which I water in.No chemical factory fertilizer, just aerated casting tea fed with molasses , fish emulsion and kelp. I still cannot stop blackspot on my roses in this cool humid climate though.

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Yeah, my tomatoes are doing so well it's almost becoming a problem. I'm in an apartment and got a garden plot the building runs, mine's the tallest by about a foot (was two feet but slowing down as it reaches six feet).

The coolest thing was one of the four I had really had a rough start, not sure what but think it picked some disease up. Anyway I gave it a super dose of VC around the plant and daily soaked it in for a while. Disease gone, and a mass of healthy branches firing off :)

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