bat buffet?

martahJune 25, 2009

I recently had a mite bloom and spent yesterday trying to fix the bin (exposing it to sun to dry it out, mixing dry bedding in with the muck at the bottom, removing some of the excess food) and I think my worms were a little unhappy by all the interference. Within an hour of moving the bin back into the cool, damp basement, I had around 5-8 of them up the sides escaping. Other fallen soldiers were wriggling in the dust around the bin. I went back every few hours to relocate the strays, but was feeling pretty happy when it got dark and I realized that there weren't any more on the ground, just some still exploring the sides.

Then a bat swooped down towards my head.

I keep the bin in one of the basement's back rooms so my neighbors don't find it and freak out, so I was surprised (and appalled?) to find a bat all the way back there too. Especially not fun was reaching up to turn off the lights while crouch-running back to the stairs (didn't like putting my hand in the bat-zone, but REALLY wanted him comfortable in the dark so he could find his way out).

It wasn't until this morning that I started wondering if he was gobbling down my escapees? And does that mean he'll come back for seconds? I haven't been back in the basement yet this morning so I have no reports on the bin or bat to offer, but have any of you experienced higher-than-normal bat sightings near your bins?

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No bats at the bins. Your bat probably spends the "night" in your basement every day.

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