Can I plant MG in front of bushes

mastiffMay 28, 2008

I have Choke cherry trees between my place and my neighbors.

I am wondering if I can plant Morning Glory's just in front of them and use the cherry trees as a support system.

I understand the vines will overtake the trees and we may not get cherry's..thats OK.

I am however..scared that the vines will go into the neighbors yard and climb his trees..spruce trees..that are close to the choke cherry trees.

Are they that invasive?

And do they need full sun?

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xenofenix(La/ Zone 9)

Mines are a few weeks old. They took over! I love it. As they grow very quickly, they will want to vine over to your neighbor. All you need to do is make sure you trim. Go right ahead and plant :D! Mines are getting 5 hours of sun, 2pm-7pm. They are doing fine. I recently planted in the front yard, I'm getting seedlings.

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