Weeds in my Periwinkle!!

naughtywildcat(7Maryland)May 28, 2008

I have some nice beds of periwinkle in my front yard, however, there are lots of weeds growing in it now, and I wanted to find out what the easiest way to remove them is. I am rather afraid that is going to be by hand only, but I wanted to ask incase there might be something that I am missing. Even if the method involves working with the ground pre-weed season, that would be fine too. I just need some tactics. I would love to fertilize the periwinkle to help it grow really thick, but I am not going to waste the fertilizer on weeds.


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I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that this is a patch of newly installed groundcover? If so, I strongly recommend a pre-emergent herbicide like Preen, for the first two years until the periwinkle fills in. There is a like organic product - I think it is called Concern - which is mostly corn gluten. But, it is too late this season. Pre-emergents need to be applied early, when the forsythia blooms. And, they don't do anything to stop perennial weeds that have established roots. They just stop seeds from germinating. I am affraid you will have to hand pull this Spring's crop of weeds.

This labor intensive project diminishes when the groundcover advances. So do what you can to speed that process (watering, pruning, fertilizing with a slow acting organic, stapling down those longer shoots). You are using mulch in any bald spots around your periwinkle aren't you? If not, run out and buy some this weekend. It should help keep new weeds from sprouting by blocking out the light. Never let those weeds go to seed or there will be more than ever next year. Good luck! Did someone give you the mistaken impression that groundcovers are low maintenance? Nothing is easier to maintain than a lawn even if your lawn is a golf course.

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