The Story of a Morning Glory in a Pot in a Office Cubicle. PICTUR

seizureMay 7, 2009

My first ever attempt at a green thumb I was ordering something online and saw this particular "Plant in a Can" and thought cool, $3 I'll give it a shot. I bought a Morning Glory one since it was the only familiar flower name to me. I did not know of any of it's requirements such as sunlight and water needs. And it never occured to me that my cubicle is not near a window and flowering plants need plenty of sunlight I figured it was just for fun

See link below for example

So I followed the 2 step directions, 1) popped open the can and 2) put some water in late July and my little morning glory plant was on it's way. After a few weeks the first vines sprouted thorugh and they were miniscule. A month later I was left with 4 growing vines. And all was well, every day I would take it to a window where there was sunlight and left it there during office hours and all was well. After a bit it sprouted it's very first flower

It grew so well that with the help of a co-worker lady who had all sorts of plants and a big bag of soil at her desk I moved it from it's tiny Coke Sized Can to an actual plastic pot. All was well as it received plenty of sunlight on the ledge of the window I would move it to, and it sprouted some more flowers.

However soon after that's when the problem started. Fall and Winter sets in and the same window ledge no longer receives sunlight like it use to. And one by one each vine died off until there was only one left and it was turning yellow and limp

I decided to then buy a 75 watt "Plant Grow" Blue brite light bulb and Lamp for my cubicle so it can continue to receive "sunlight".

And after about two weeks my allthe vines died off except one. My last morning morning glory vine started to show strength and grow up towards the light

Another month or so passed and it kept growing and growing and wrapping itself around my makeshift support made out of wooden chopsticks

Finally with spring we see the first Morning Glory flower bloom.

Now they quickly bloom more within days

By now sunlight has returned to a particular window ledge so on weekends before I leave the office I take my plant for "a walk" and leave it on the ledge where it will get sunlight for a few hours a day over saturday and sunday. I come back monday morning and the Plant will always have grown tremendously and I would move it back under my Plant Grow Light at my cubicle so I can enjoy.

So after a few more weeks my morning glory in a pot has grown to the point where the vines are almost touching the bulb now. I think sooner or later I have to move it to a bigger pot, but I'm not sure how to handle growing this thing in an office environment as it keeps getting larger and larger and I have to make a conscious effort to keep wrapping the vines around those chopsticks which it is already growing taller then.

Hopefully some of you fine green thumb folks can give me some tips, and hopefully this post also serves as a proof of concept that you can in fact grow Morning Glories, in a pot, in an office environment as long as you either have sunlight or a plant grow light bulb.

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Nice that you are enjoying growing the plant, although it is a Petunia and not a MG...

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i just looked up some photos online, I guess you are right, they are Petunias and they grow very well in pots. I guess my accomplishment is not as good I thought it was.

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You can still grow morning glories in pots. Don't give up.


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Growing a petunia like that IS a huge accomplishment! Now you can grow just about anything! Try it.

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My Petunia is starting to grow a little out of control, it's growing in different directions. Should I trim it? if so how?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You could give it a severe hair cut and allow it to become a bit shrubbier. Grown inside like that, even with a 'gro-light', it will always be a bit leggy. Good for you for encouraging it to do so well.

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I honestly love your thread seizure! I felt like I was watching a movie! :)

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Here it is a few months later. It is really growing out of control now. I have a better camera phone now (Palm PRE with it's 3 megapixel camera)

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Some more photos with another batch of flowers blooming

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