What size container for moonflower?

sandyinva(7A)May 25, 2009

I have started seedlings ( I hope) in peat pots, and would like to place them in a pot on the deck to grow up the sides. How large a pot should I use and how many seedlings should grow in a pot?

Thanks in advance,


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My neighbor uses 10 inch pots with miracle grow potting mix. 1 seedling in each pot and plants the seedling towards the side of the pot so it is close to the edge to go up her railings.

She places the pots on several levels of her stairs going up her deck. They fill in fairly quickly and look beautiful.


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Thank you Fran, that is just what I was looking for: I had thought about planting it in the ground but decided a pot would give it more protection from being stepped upon.

I wish I had begun the seeds earlier, I will do that next year so they will bloom earlier than September, which I think is likely at this point.


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ninadambra(z7 NJ)

i used to grow them one per 11 inch pot and train them up strings tied to the third story level of my fire escape in brooklyn. they got most of the way up in a season! now i grow in the ground or several in a large planter tub. i suspect yours will bloom by august -- they grow quickly. you dont want to set them out too early anyway, as they are cold sensitive.

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I grow one per 15" pot. You can winter them over inside and get blooms early the following year. My problem in 7a is that when started from seed, even early, they don't bloom until late summer.

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