New flow through bin

iLoveLawnJune 6, 2013

I just got my 500 worms and created a flow through system using two 5 gallon pickle buckets. I filled it almost half way with cut up newspaper and cardboard mixed with some UCG. The material was thoroughly soaked then rung out so it was moist but not dripping. I put a solid piece of wet cardboard on the bottom. I also put a thick wet layer of solid newspaper on top. No lid on top. I put them under a bright light for 1/2 day and they squirmed down into the bedding.

My question what? What do you think of my set up? How long do I wait before I introduce some food scraps? Also, how often should i water?

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The time to add your first feeding was a week ago. I would feed them some food now. You may not need to water. Most food has enough moisture in it to keep the bedding damp. Watering a bin is an art that you will develop over time. It is easy to over water.

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A week ago? Where do you get that from? I didn't get my worms until yesterday lol.

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I guess I can't speak for Sbryce, but I think he was referring to the fact that most people will tell you to get your bin ready with bedding and some worm food material a week or more before putting the worms in so it can begin to produce the microbes or enzymes (or whatever they are) that the worms really like.

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Oh, well I guess it's too late for that. I prepped the bin the day the worms arrived. Think I should add something right now lawand? or just sit tight and leave them be for a week?

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I would add veggie scraps now, if you haven't yet. Preferably something that will break down fast and easy or something already beginning to break down. then just watch the moisture level and keep feeding them as necessary

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Psst. sbryce,

I just brewed up some iced tea with a bit of lemon. Why don't you pull up one of these here big'ol elderly rockers on the shady front porch. We can sit a spell around this cracker barrel checker board while keeping an eye on chuckiebtoo's watermellon 'xsperiment. Oh, and I added a goodly amount of hair of the dog. I expect we are going to need it. The tea leaves and lemon rinds have been put into the bins with a bit of hair for them too. I suspect they too will want some.

The porch is wide and plenty of chairs folks.

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It's been about 4 days and I think the worms are doing great. I didn't prep the bin ahead of time, just soaked some newspaper and cardboard for about an hour and mixed it with UCG. So I was a bit worried.

But I fed them for the first time yesterday, just a little leafy greens, they are all over it. Today I put more food on other sides of the bucket. I took 1/4 avocado, spring mix, UCG, and cucumbers and chopped in in my blender. I figure I won't bother them for a week at least and see they like that combination. I'll post pics soon.

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Has anyone tried black soldier fly larvae compost bins? It looks like vermicomposting on steroids. I'm interested to know if it's do-able or if it's any better than composting with worms.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I never prepped my worm bin and I had at least a thousand of them. They love to eat chopped up paper. I wouldn't put whole newspaper in there or paper with colored ink. Mine all died when I put colored ink paper in my worm bin. I don't think you should water the bin unless it is drying out. I cover my bin at night. My husband stepped on one in his bedroom when I used to leave them uncovered and that was at least 6 feet from the worm bin.

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by colored ink paper do you mean the glossy kind, like the coupon inserts?

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

" Posted by iLoveLawn none on Sat, Jun 8, 13 at 19:24

Has anyone tried black soldier fly larvae compost bins?"

Here's a previous thread all about BSF

Here is a link that might be useful: All about Black Soldier Fly

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YEAAAA! I just checked on my bin and the food I put in a few days ago has disappeared! And there are 3 seedlings sprouting out the top of my bin. And I swear there are more worms than I started with. Lookin pretty awesome in there

WOOOT! ...just wanted to share

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SWEET! Way to go....

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