vines looking sad help me save them please

enjoyMay 26, 2008

I grew Cypress vine, Blackeyed susan vine, cathedral bells, and moonflower from seed this year. I had expected it to be warmer by now and it isn't. So, they are still in their original containers and want to be in the ground.

Can anyone tell me what if anything I can do? Our nights are still pretty cool here at the moment going down to 3 degrees celcius this week.

They are definately not enjoying the seed starting medium anymore and they need different soil. Should I just put them in and cover them at night if I can remember?

Also, can anyone tell me why the leaves of Cathedral Bells went pale when I watered them recently? Was the water too cold or do they hate wet leaves? I have never grown them before.


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It sounds like your seedlings are long-past the stage where they should have been transplanted. Next time, move them to larger containers with some potting soil when they get 2 or 3 true leaves (these develop after the initial seed leaves.)

At this point, you might try pinching back the plants, give them a weak fertilizer, and start hardening them off so you can get them in the ground as soon as the temperature is warm enough.

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