Vine ID Help - Sweet Potato?

laylaa(7b)May 25, 2008

Can anyone help me id this vine? The closest I can come up with is Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea batatas, somewhat bur different!)except that it's not quite a match. The photos are of immature leaves and the color ends up to be similar to a kiwi. It is tuberous, vigorous as all get out, grows fast and Japaneses beetles adore it. Seems to prefer shade and it does not appear to be woody.

But, unlike a sweet potato it is quite hardy and survived 7b freezes in a small pot so pot bound there was barely any dirt in it. Previous homeowners had planted it in a pot underground which I dug up - it was everywhere. It also did much better in the fall when the weather cooled. Then it really took off. It was a monster of a plant like something out of Steven King. Just grew and grew...It laughs at weed killer and loves to be run over by a lawn mower. This year I put it in a big pot hoping to keep it in control. Thank you.

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I'm wondering if it is variegated porcelain berry vine.
See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: variegated porcelain berry vine photo

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Thank you Remy! That is exactly what it is without a doubt. I could not find anything like it and appreciate the help. I looked up porcelain berry vine and mine has more pink in the leaves and I had no berries, but it seems they don't all berry. The berries are pretty but apparently make the plant invasive via birds, so I'd rather not have them. The thing is amazingly lush and vigorous. It's become a household joke, The Evil Vine. We keep our Great Dane away from it in case The Vine is hungry. It's an interesting plant even if it is flashy, I'm glad I have info on how to take care of it now - in a big pot.

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