growing wisteria on a pillar

kz45May 5, 2008

I have an 8 foot pillar, and want to grow wisteria. I was thinking of sinensis blue sapphire, which i understand is not aggressive like the other chinese wisteria.

other choices are frutenscens blue moon, amethyst falls, or longwood purple.

I live in zone 6...opinions and/or suggestions?

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I have 2 Amethyst Falls, each growing up a 15'(?) wooden floodlight post. They grow up the posts and kind of cascade down as they near the top. They are just gorgeous when in full bloom and the foliage is attractive so they look ok when not flowering. This variety comes on much later then many of the others and you have bare stems for a long time. I'm in 7a and my plants just started putting out foliage and won't be in bloom for another week or two. I haven't found it to be invasive and it hasn't produced any seed pods. If a branch rests on the ground it will root but it doesn't sucker. It will also bloom sporadically throughout the summer. I love it.

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thanks for your response. i have heard that amethyst falls smells like "cat pee" you agree? :)

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I've heard the same thing but my Amethyst Falls have absolutely no detectable scent, nasty or otherwise.

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I have chosen to plant wisteria blue moon. I am assuming, since it is an American wisteria and less aggressive, it will do fine on the 8 foot pillar. Is this correct?

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Sounds like it is worth a try. It is also considered a reblooming vine, so you should get even more flowers than usual.

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

I planted a Blue Moon on a lamp post and am very pleased with it so far. Sweet, graceful, easy care blooms. I din't give it any winter protection. I have mulched it and give it water when i think about it. It has full sun and good drainage and fairly poor soil. Black walnut tree not too far away (just outside its large canopy) doesn't bother it either.

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