Small crawling bugs in my bin

Minnesota_EricJune 5, 2013

I'm about a month into my worm bin experience. I opened the bin last night to add some food scraps and I noticed many (hundreds?) of very, very small brownish insects crawling around inside the bin. They were moving along quite quickly. They were quite a bit smaller than a fruit fly, and did not seem to be able to fly. Are these mites?

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They could be mites. We would need to see one to be sure.

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I tried taking a picture, but my camera won't focus on them as they are so small. I can hardly see them!

I attached the photo anyhow so you can at least get an idea of their size. The view is from above the bin. On the rim, there are a few small brown dots. Those are the critters. This probably doesn't help. sorry again for the poor picture quality.
Are they mites? is this from overfeeding?

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I wouldn't be concurned unless they are invading the house or harming the worms. A larger bug will likly show up soon and feast on them. The bin will always have bugs of some kind so if they aren't causing problems I just let them help the worms.

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Mites are still a possibility. It is hard to tell with this photo, but they are probably mites. I don't what else they might be.

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