Dwarf Citrus in Texas?

alipesMarch 8, 2010

Since citrus is restricted for Texas it's a little challenging to find any, but years ago I bought a wonderful dwarf orange tree that has been very healthy and thriving.

Due to its success, I've wanted to maybe purchase a dwarf lemon or lime as well, but Acorn Farms, where I bought the orange, doesn't seem to exist anymore.

After much searching, I've come up sadly empty-handed. Does anyone know of a site to order dwarf citrus in Texas, or barring that, a nursery that sells dwarf citrus around Dallas?

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Don't know if they are on dwarf root stock or not, but Petal Pushers in Cedar Hill had Meyer Lemons on Monday a week past, and North Haven Gardens had at least one kaffir lime tree about February. Didn't price the Meyer lemons, but can't say the kaffir lime was cheap. Redenta's in Arlington had some sort of citrus last month, and presumably the Redenta's in Dallas might have some too. How wonderful to have a good place to overwinter citrus!

So there do exist nurseries that have jumped through the necessary hoops to propagate citrus for sale in Texas. Think at least some of Brazos Citrus Nursery's stock is on dward rootstock.

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