Virginia Creeper: Dangerous to Our House?

leafy02(6 Central Kentucky)May 5, 2010

I like the look of Virginia creeper so I dug some up from the woods at my mom's house and planted it here at my house. One vine is growing up the side of the garage, the other up the back of the house, obscuring the hideous utility meters.

The vines are thriving, but someone said they might be bad for the brick or for the gutters. I don't want to damage my house, much as I like the vines.

Does anyone know for sure whether VC is harmful, and if so, is it just to gutters or to both gutters and brick? I have another location I can use it in where gutters won't be involved, but if it'll damage the brick itself, it'll have to go.


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If you do a search you'll find lots of conflicting info. Some say it is damaging to brick & mortar, others say not. Figures. lol It seems that the VC tendrils produce an adhesive disc that cements it to a surface but does not grow into it.

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My understanding is that it won't hurt your house, or at least not the bricks, but I wouldn't let it get into the gutters.

Lucky you, I want it more upfront, I have it growing in my wooded area, but my husband, the cronic hypercondriac and city boy, swears that it is one of the poison vines. I've been wanting to get it going on one of my fence lines and he keeps trying to kill it. Luckly it's not easy to kill, but because of his efforts, I can't get a good full fence line of it. And to think, people actually buy the stuff and he's trying to kill it.

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(I confess to trying to kill it, too, but in south Georgia, it grows like the jungle!)

You might consider that it does make the brick hold moisture, especially in the shade. If you think it may become a moisture problem, keep it in check, in bounds, & thin. We could not do that here, for sure!

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