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jamiecrouseMarch 3, 2011

What do you do to rabbit-proof your vegetable gardens? I just planted a brand new vegetable garden that I'd like to keep to myself. I see lots of rabbits in our neighborhood (last year they dug a big hole in my roses)and although I've never seen them in our fenced-in backyard, I'm afraid they'll dig under the fence and feast on my veggies. Any suggestions?

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sorry there is no FAIL-PROOF but these things worked for me before, in order of what worked best

1.owl nested in my neighborhood, good for mice 2
get advice on an settin up an owl"house"
2.dog,before he got way too old to care
3.rabbit fencing around garden
4. .22 cal
even the most sarcastic rabbit would immediately flee as soon as I walked out with "old betsy"
5.peace offerings placed in front yard
if you keep'em from nesting in your back yard, they will perfer the easy to get food placed in concealed areas in your front yard

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Rabbit fencing to keep them out of the veggie patch. You may have to bury it down a bit. Some people use chicken wire.

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I read somewhere once that rabbits don't care for marigolds and they avoid them. You can try planting some around your veggies, it may help.

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rick_mcdaniel(Lewisville, TX)

Gotta fence it with chicken wire or something comparable, that the rabbits can't get through, and it has to go down enough to keep them from burrowing under.

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Anyone have pictures of their rabbit fence? How deep and how tall should it be?

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