Do snails & slugs eat earthworms?

borderbarbJune 4, 2010

While searching on another matter, I came across this snip of info. I often find slugs on the carpet/wood covers to my in-ground worm pit. I have always just thought that these creasures only eat plant matter and that they were there because of moisture and plant matter in the bedding,and always kill them. But now I wonder if they are also there to eat worms.


Scroll down to 'ecology'

...snip.... . Earthworms are also eaten by many invertebrates such as ground beetles and other beetles, snails, slugs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Worms eaten by ......snails, slugs

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Are slugs the same as roly poly's? If so, I've been told and have seen pictures of other bins where they are supposed to be a benefit because they start to break down the food. I have lots of them in my outside bins!

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Nope... a slug is a naked snail (without a shell).

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Yes, some do. This variety attacks earthworms as it's main food supply.

Hammerhead slug!

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I think they may also be present in Louisiana. I have seen something very similar-extremely long and thin with the same shaped head. Usually they show up on the front walk after a rain. Thought they were just another species of earthworm.

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I just noticed them this year and after reading about them on Dave's Garden, I put salt on them. I LOVE my earthworms way too much to have those slimy things killing them. It freaks me out that if you cut them in half, even accidentally that they grow into TWO of the earthworm killers.

I will eraticate them as soon as I seem them.

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Yes, slugs eat worms! I once found a huge slug that had half a worm sticking out of its underside.

Bluelake, a slug does not turn into two slugs when you cut it in half. And contrary to belief, when you cut an earthworm in half, it does die.


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We had the hammerheads everywhere in So Cal. At first I also thought they were just another earthworm and I was horrified to find out they were predators. (And I didn't even keep worms then!)

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I was talking about the type of slug that I linked to, the Hammerhead Worm (land planarian) (Bipalium kewense, and it will regenerate, they have like 5 hearts.

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"So, if you chop the flatworm into 7 pieces, you will end up with 7 new worms!"
Check this out:
I hope I will never see one.

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