food for my morning glories

Marg33May 3, 2014

I started my morning glories inside this year and I am getting ready to put them outside is it ok to feed them some Miracle Gro orchid food??

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I never feed my morning glories, as too much nitrogen can cause them to make huge leaves and few flowers. They seem to do fine without the fertilizer.

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Thank you im just gonna leave them alone then they seem to be doing good I just hope they do as good when I transfer them outside!!!

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In fact, I've read from multiple sources that they enjoy quite poor soil. Strange! I never feed mine, and they do great. Good luck.

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How will you be growing the plants? In pots with fresh Miracle Gro potting mix? If so, the potting mix usually has fertilizer in it. Once you get close to the flowering season of late July through September you can give a fertilizer that is a little higher in phosphorus (P) to promote flower production.

What MGs are you growing?

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