Bug Zapper For Killing Fungus Gnats / Fruit Flies?

boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)June 10, 2010

Has anyone tried an electronic bug zapper for controlling fungus gnats / fruit flies? Size wise these pests are about the same as mosquitoes but I'm not sure they're attracted to UV light. I noticed a small model advertised for $30 recently but hesitated because of the power required (not a very green solution). Perhaps it would only have to be on for a day or two at a time?

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I have that one that looks like a badminton racquet but the gnats slipped through the webbing. I scored more with mosquitoes, which are bigger than gnats around here.

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There is only one model of bug zapper I know of that will work on both flies, mosquito, and gnats. If you are still interested, let me know and I'll dig out the box it came in. For best result, use bug zapper, with fly paper, and my insecticide:
12 oz. Pinesol
1/4 cup Dawn
1/4 cup Ammonia
dash of Iso Alcohol
enough water to fill up a 'Spraymaster' heavy duty spray bottle.
Set it to mist. Will take flying varmints right out of the air! Plus not as chemically noxious as usual insecticides. Note: never tried it on bees or wasps.

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

Cythan I am interested in the info about your bug zapper.

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No Pest Strips will control a fungus gnat and fruit fly infestation.

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