Aristolochia sp. germination using Gibberellic Acid?

KKGRHM(7B)May 11, 2012

I have been trying to get various Aristolochia species to germinate with no success. I have tried surface sowing, after soaking for 48 hours, in plug trays with a cover on a heat mat. I have tried soaking for 48 hours in hand hot water in moist paper towel inside a zip lock bag on a heat mat. I am now wondering about the effects of using Gibberellic acid on the seed while soaking them. Has anyone had any luck using the GA3 during the soak to break dormancy? At this time I am extremely Any help or instruction would be greatly appreciated.

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Several years ago I tested the germination rates of A. watsonii with and w/o GA3 for a lepidopterist at one of the universities in the SW (can't remember which one). If I recall correctly the treated seeds had no noticable increase in germination but it's supposedly one of the more difficult aristolochias. You might have very different results with other varieties. Which aristolochias are you trying? I soak them just overnight and barely cover with a lightly moistened potting medium, cover the tray and set it on a seed mat. I usually have pretty decent results but I've only tried a handful of varieties.

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Karyn1 I am trying to get A. gigantea, A. trilobata, A. ringens and A. elegans to germinate. I have tried putting them in plug trays covered and kept moist on a seedling heat mat. But after 2 months I got nothing. I have another set that I am trying the Deno Method with. It has only been 8 days using the Deno Method. But was wondering what the effects of Gibberellic acid on them would be.

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Hi. I've had no problem with ringens, gigantea or elegans. I've never tried trilobata. Is it possible that the rooting medium was kept too moist? If the potting mix is too soggy the seeds rot. I keep the soil very lightly moistened. If there's a lot of condensation under the tray cover I leave it open for a few hours

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Fresh seed, uncovered, kept moist. Species grown, A. durior, elegans, gigantea. Grew them to blooming, the 2 tropical species in a g-house. After heater malfunction, tropical ones died. A. durior (=macrophylla) grows outside here in zone 6.

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