vine suggestions please for challenging area

alexis717_dfMay 30, 2012

Looking for suggestions for vines that can grow in containers, and make it through the winter.

Have just installed an arbor and wish to have vines growing up and over it, the problem is the maples that are close by. These are old, large maples and their is just no way to plant anything in the ground around this arbor. This area faces west, but because of the maples, only gets filtered sun most of the day. It might get direct sun for the last couple of hours of the day but thats it.

Any suggestions or advise is appreciated.

Thank you

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

Do you want flowering vines or anything would go?
What are the dimensions of your arbor?
What is it made of? Wood, Iron etc?
Is it an exposed area (i.e. windy) ?
That is for the winter protection.

At this point the only vine I can suggest, is Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia).

You'll have more choices if you can plant in the earth.

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True-blue, thank you for responding. Arbor is approx: 5' depth x 9' high x 4' across opening. It is made of Iron.

Flowers would be preferred. It is sighted on the west side of the house which is the windy side. It attaches to a 42" high solid picket fence (no gaps), so the bottom portion of the vine would receive some protection.

The ONLY way planting in the ground is possible is spin out bags, and even then I'm not sure if room could be made between the maple roots.

So does your response lead me to believe no vine would make it through the winter in containers, even VERY large ones?

thank you for your help

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true_blue (MTL CAN Z4)(Mtl Can Zone 4b)

That's one big arbor.

I suggest to try with a group 3 clematis, and the biggest ones.
You'll need a sort of weather proof container (resin probably).

Try 2/3 plants from different varieties.
I recommend:
Clematis tangutica
Clematis SUMMER SNOW 'Paul Farges'
Clematis viriginiana.

I have the first two, the Paul Vargas, one in bright shade (no direct sunlight) and tangutica, which flower from September to October.

Read about the pruning of clematis, mine I haven't pruned, so I have woody stems below and flowers all above.

It will take 3/4 years until you really see them take over.
You can buy a full-grown annual vine to cover, partially your arbor. I've grown blue morning glories and they flowered fine in dappled light.

Check Tapla's soil discussion, in order to have the best soil for your plant.

Good Luck

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True-blue thank you for your suggestions. I think we will try the clematis.

Now I need to go find this Tapla's soil discussion.

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