Putting My Worm Bin Next to a Central Vac - Bad Idea?

jasonkJune 8, 2008

The title pretty much says it. I had my worms outside (well, techniclly in a shed) but the heat made them abandon ship into my catch bin so I brought them inside to live in my basement (would have had to happen eventually since the winter would kill them). That immediately quelled their great escape and they seem happy again, but now I'm trying to find a permanent home for them.

They are next to a pantry now but that may be disagreeable for some other house dwellers, and there is a window above it that is exposing them to more light than I would like. There is a great out of the way spot I was condisering, but it's in between the water heater and the central vac. I've heard that worms are not real keen on vibrations, but what about loud noises? I know they don't 'hear' per se but the noise may still be enough to disturb them.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

they don't hear, but they are sensitive to vibration and temperature swings ... I'd think another spot might be better


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I just moved mine out into the garage. It stays cooler in the back of the garage than almost anywhere else, it's out of the sun, wind and rain. I'd like to have them in the house somewhere, but there just doesn't seem to be an appropriate place for them. Funny isn't it that we provide a stinky old sandbox for our cats to sh!t in, but nice, quiet, sweet-smelling, little worms have no place in our home. Hinky! Cheryl

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