Weird beginings

Erich_k(6b)June 12, 2013

So i bought 3 bags of mushroom compost from Lowes like a week ago and to my surprise in the bag of compost were living worms. They were a nice deep red and were banded, then i realized they were red wrigglers!

This got my started on my first plastic tote worm bin. In the bags were plenty of cocoons and about 40-50 red wrigglers.

I never thought there would be living worms from bagged compost from a big box store. Now i am just going to raise my little unplanned worm army.

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jsainz(8-9 NM)

Lucky ducky!!! thats awesome news

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gvozdika(8 OR)

Congratulations! It is just about the same amount that I started with and it makes it such fun to see the colony grow!

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You have red wigglers!
The Cadillac of worms!

:24 to :40

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One time I bought some fishing worms (can't use my wigglers as bait) at Home Depot. All I found in the tub were 3 mushrooms, 2 blunts, and a teeny, tiny bong...used.


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