wisteria won't bloom

yellow_bear_1(z4 (5) SD)May 18, 2006

Hello to all of you!

I have a friend in Santa Fe who has a well established wisteria vine, several "trunks" at least an inch thick, that grows up a stucco wall and caps the wall. But it seldom blooms and when it does only a few blossoms are produced. The leafy part of the vine is in good full sun while the base and roots are shaded most of the time. The vine has been pruned back to just one or two buds per branch and it grows beautifully but doesnt bloom. Any ideas what to do to get it to bloom better. The understanding is that one shouldn't fertilize wisteria since they are nitrogen fixers, so this one hasn't been fertilized with anything at all.

Thanks for your help,


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ABQ_Bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)

This is just hear-say, but I over-heard a local nursery guy talking to someone that said they couldn't get their wisteria to bloom. He said that wisteria like phosphorous, and that you might try a fertilizer that has a high phosphorous content to get them to bloom... Dunno if that's true or not, but it might be worth a try.

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

An oft-recommended trick is to root-prune them in situ - ie., get a shovel and plunge it around the wisteria about 1 - 2ft from the trunks in order to sever the outer roots. This should then shock it into thinking it's about to die and prompt it to bloom in following seasons. However since they are so vigorous in growth, we know that the plant won't be going anywhere anytime soon, and the resulting flower bud spurs should hopefully persist from that time forward. There have been a number of posts here and elsewhere reporting success with this method.

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Someone gave me a wisteria in a container..she hadn't taken care of it...but it did have white blooms on it when she first purchased it...I received it last year and it was in bad condition...but I planted it..and it is thriving...full of leaves branches..but no blooms...did the bad treatment hurt the possibility of ever blooming again..or will it take time...thanks Cindy

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Not that this helps.... but one of my wisterias grows an abnormally large amount of blooms but hardly any leaves. I will try to get a pic posted if possible.

my other two do not do so well on the blooms but grow leaves and shoots so fast that we have to trim it about every two to three weeks.

If I could figure out what the difference is in the three plants that are about 30ft apart, it would help identify the blooming problems in those plants that get a lot of sun but still dont bloom.

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