Plants that are showing signs of new growth

ckap(9a Sugar Land,Texas)March 1, 2011

Now that the weather in Texas has warmed up,what are some of the plants in your yard that are showing signs of coming back?For me they are:



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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

I'm further north so Bougainvillea and Plumbago don't overwinter here.
Here in NCTX it's Blue Mist, roses (all new leaves), wildflowers native to TX and Mexico, Cone Flower, Saliva C.,spring bulbs, sugar peas, Blue eyed grass, Carolina Jessamine is blooming, Crossvine is budding, Elms are leafing out (and seeding!),asters are coming in, Fig tree has leaves,Rock rose with new leaves, and grass is greening up here in my yard. My yard is only 2yrs old so I'll bet folks with mature plantings have a ton more.

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Here in West Texas I have had daffodils blooming for more than a week. My Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince has buds and leaves, the sedum Autumn Joy, salvia, yarrow, mums, daylilies, iris and cannas are all growing. The grass is starting to green up too and grow in some places. It has been rather dry here and I think that is slowing some things down.

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Just up 59 from ya right near downtown Houston :) My hydrangeas and crape myrtles from last year are budding out, and the coral bark Japanese maple I bought right after the freezes is pushing out leaves now as well. Tulips are standing proud at about 18" and one eager beaver strawberry plant has a blossom on it.

New leaf growth on the 3 small producing citrus trees (a Meyer lemon, satsuma and limequat). Yay!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Salvias, Turk's Cap, Agastache, Ruellia are coming back already which is good to see because they stayed green until the big freeze in early February. Last year most perennials were very slow to show up here in San Antonio so I guess the ground stayed warmer this year.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

redbuds are blooming in Austin but not out in the hills west of town. It is still pretty winter blasted out here but the fire ants are out and about. AHHH SPRING!!.

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My Bat-Faced Cuphea was the first to poke its head out, but my Plumbago, Sages, and Turk's Cap are all coming back now too. I still have my fingers crossed that my Musical Note Clerodendron will be coming back soon. The stem was green when I cut it back but there are no signs of leaves yet.

Ivysmom, what kind of limequat do you have? I read somewhere that Lakelands only get to be a 3 foot tall bush - is that true? My citrus all has new leaves also!

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If I remember correctly, it's a Eustis limequat. I got it at RCW Nurseries, which is 249@Beltway. Good selection there. Mine was about 3' tall when I got it last September, and it's grown a few inches up. It's pretty leggy, though. There's one new branch that's come out (not a watersprout, since this is above the graft) that's probably 9" long now (emerged in January). I've harvested 4 full loads off it since planting it. Very productive tree!

Photo of it when I got it here, if you want to see it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Eustis limequat

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Thanks for the limequat pics! It's awfully pretty, even if a bit leggy, and it's good to know it's been productive for you. I like to buy my fruit plants at Froberg's Nursery in Alvin (I'm on the southside) and I'm pretty sure they had a Lakeland Limequat last time I was there. The owner is very knowledgeable about everything he carries since they grow most of it right there on the farm, so I'll ask him about the size this weekend. I like to make limeade by putting the whole lime, rind and all, in a blender and then adding water and sugar - I was thinking limequats would probably be even better for this than key limes.

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My roses are budding, salvias (of various varieties) coming back after getting frozen to the ground, stella del oro daylilies putting up green shoots, some blackfoot daisies coming back from roots (I've never had them freeze back like this), a few new leaves on the more mature plumbagos, daffodils coming up but haven't bloomed yet (any day now I think), some of the trailing lantanas but not all. I haven't seen any new growth on my turk's cap, and oleanders are looking pretty ragged. I'm afraid the thryallis I planted last fall is toast (anyone in Austin area know?) Everything's still quite bare, but I like to inspect the new growth each day.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

The big clumps of soap aloes are mush, but when chopped and pulled back with a sharp hoe there's live green leaves to be found underneath. The stinky mush got pitched into the compost pile. Pitch forks are handy for that.

Jamie one of my small newly-planted-last-fall thyralis shrubs has green bark, the other does not. Ordinarily they are evergreen. They have sparser leaves in winter, but a live reddish green.

The blackfoot daisies that seeded themselves in caliche out by the street did not freeze back. Some of the ones in soil are dead.

Four nerve daisies did not even stop blooming all winter and are really putting on a show right now!

The leaves of Barbados cherry are crispy, but the bark is green.

Okay, the taking a breathing spell accomplished. Back outside :-)

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ckap(9a Sugar Land,Texas)

Anyone growing Alamanda (yellow and the pink one)?I wanted to know if any is getting new growth on it.I have been checking it everyday but nothing.

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Lynn Marie

Not as much as everyone else. My peach is blooming, but that's about it. Still waiting for the daffodils, and none of my tulips that were supposed to naturalize here did. I don't think my star jasmine that I planted last year is going to live. Carolina Jasmine wants to bloom, but hasn't yet. Maybe because it tried to bloom early.

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