fast growing vines not toxic to cats

sleepycattMay 25, 2012

Hi. We built an enclosure for our cat, he loves it and go outside all the time. The only problem is we didn't build a roof for the enclosure and I think its a bit too much sun for him to stay outside for too long. So I was thinking to plant some vines on one side of the enclosure so he will get some nice shade when the weather gets hotter. I was searching for some fast growing vines and people suggest moonflower and morning glory, however they are both toxic to cats. I was wondering if there's fast growing vines that is not toxic to cats? thanks :)

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Although their site is a little confusing(seems they have a new format), the ASPCA non-toxic plant list has many cucurbits listed. Maybe you could grow cucumbers or melons on the enclosure. I do know that many cats are fond of cantaloupe.

Here is a link that might be useful: ASPCA plant list

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cool. thanks for the information ^^

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