I need help to find out about this names of plantes

loreesp(9)May 7, 2011

I plant this seeds last year and I dont remember what are this ones can any one can give me a hint?? thank you so much


thank you so much ..

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Just my guesses...
The first one looks like Velvet Leaf.
The second one looks like Milkweed.
The third maybe Wisteria.
The last one I really have no clue, although the leaves resemble a locust tree.

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the first one looks like a paulowinia tree
last one cassia

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Try posting this on the 'Name That Plant!' forum. Those guys are really GOOD at IDing.

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1 Dombeya or Clerodendrum
2 Stephanotis
3 Wisteria
4 Cassia maybe popcorn cassia

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