Rabbits and red wigglers

helencolbyJune 23, 2010

I have a second worm bin with lots of wonderful red wigglers. But I would love to get a bunny for the manure factor. Would it be okay if I placed the bunny hutch directly over the top of my 2nd worm bin? The worm bin is made from pt plywood and is in a part of our rather large garage that doesn't get used except for gardening stuff and mower, etc. My thought is that the bunny poop would drop into the bin and the worms would refine it for garden use. I have used bunny poop right out from under the hutches when we were in the rabbit biz, but that was long ago and a lot of work to clean out from under the hutches and haul it to the garden. But with just one bunny, I am thinking it would not be quite as overpowering as 150 bunnies in a lean too barn.

So, what do you think? Good idea or bad.



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I'm not so sure that the worms would be all that happy about the yellow rain factor. Plus it might keep the bin too wet.

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Given Hoosier's caveats, some people have done this quite successfully.

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