MG and moon vines

karen_tennessee(7a)May 5, 2011

Is there any reason that I cannot grow Morning Glory and Moon Vine on the same fishing line trellis. 15 foot trellis.

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You run the risk of the fishing line breaking due weight load placed on it by the heavy vines. Try it and see what happens, maybe it won't happen?


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So you think the moon vine might be too heavy? I guess I should stick with the morning glory. Will morning glory be o.k. in miracle grow? Most garden web people don't like MGrow, but what do you think?

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What test is your fishing line? I use 25 pound test, and I've never broken any.

MGs flower best in poor soil. Too rich soil causes them to be all vine with little flowering. Is there some reason you're not growing them directing in the ground?

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I have a 15 foot section of my fence with 4 barrels using two v shaped trellis on either end and fishing line in the center. Should I just use regular potting soil,Or what would you suggest? Also, how many seeds would you think I plant in each barrel? I would like nice coverage for the fence?

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miraclegro will be fine for growing MGs.

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Someone mentioned that Thunbergias Alata would work on my 50 lb. fishing trellis. I have read that some people winter their TA but I'm just looking for an annual. Do TA have large woody stems? And is one TA O.K. per 1/2 whiskey barrel, I use four on a 15 foot trellis or will this be too much weight.

If Thunbergias will not work, anyother suggestions besides Morning Glory. Please note that I have been growing hyacinth bean vine there for years. Pleae help I'm going crazy with what to plant this year.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Thunbergia alata is grown as an annual in the colder zones and has about the same weight as a MG vine. They are often sold as Black Eyed Susan vines but there's other colors. I'd plant 5 or 6 in a whiskey barrel.

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