Clematis armandii - No new growth

bluesloth(z8 OR)May 28, 2008

Last year I planted three Clematis armandii. The one that grew the most last year also had the most blooming this spring. But no new growth.

The other two had a few flowers plus lots of new growth. I trimmed them a couple weeks ago to encourage branching, and they have started to send out new branches already. But the one plant has yet to show any signs of new growth.

Any ideas what might be causing lack of growth?

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It's growing underground, not above ground.
Clematis blooms on new growth only.
It takes a few years for clematis to really become established, at least 3 years.
Don't worry, it will take off this year again for you.
You have to be patient with them for 3 whole summers.
I use Miracle Grow on mine once a month in the summer, mabey that will help with new growth.
Good Luck!

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

I agree that the plants are probably just establishing their root systems. However clematis armandii is a type I clematis that blooms only on old wood, not new wood. That explains why the one that grew the most last year had the most blooms this year (more old wood=more blooms, not new wood). Patience is the key for most plants and clematis are no exception.

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