honeysuckle vine

gotsMay 1, 2014

My Hall`s Honeysuckle vine took a beating this winter and it has alot more dead than green in it. Should i prune it hard now or wait till later. It covers the top of my 30 ft fence so the branches are very thick, How can i tell if the branches still have any life in them? Thanks.

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Honeysuckles are tough plants. It is extremely hard to kill them. The large branches I 'm pretty sure are still alive. If you want to check, you can scrape a bit of the bark off and see if there is still green in them indicating that it is still alive. But if you don't see any sign of life on a branch when other branches are leafing, it is probably dead. You can prune the dead branches anytime. The honeysuckle will recover fully in no time!

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