de-budding to encourage vine growth - am I deluded?

un_spikedMay 14, 2008

I've been tweezing flower buds off a Thunbergia, thinking this might cause the plant to put energy into growing longer vines faster. Is there any actual merit to this?

In hopes of growing a green window screen, I've planted window-boxes with various vines and strung a fishline trellis. Am not all that keen on Thunbergia flowers, but in my impatience was dependent on greenhouse's selection of plants.

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Feed the vine something with a lot of nitrogen, like Lawn fertilizer.
Just a little, not a lot, and see if the growth is more green, it won't flower as much.
Try it, it will work. If that is what you want, more green leafy growth and fewer blooms.
Most people go out of their way not to put too much nitrogen in the soil around their plants because they want the blooms rather than the growth, so do the opposite.
GOod Luck!

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