Wild Morning Glory/ Sweet potato vine?

blacklogvalleygirlMay 22, 2007

Well this is my first time posting so I would like to say hi all. Okay I'm a little confused we have these vines growing on the sides of our lane after doing some research I believe they are wild sweet potato vine they have very pretty flowers. I was thinking about trying to get them to grow more like a ground cover on a bank I have. Anyway I've been reading these horror stories about how invasive wild morning glories are and I believe they are almost the same thing. We have fields on all 4 sides of our house and my brother inlaw is getting ready to plant corn. I dont want to plant something that is going to go crazy through the field. The ones that are growing dont seem to go in the field just on the side. Anyway not to be so long winded but I could use some opionions. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Also last year I had a beautiful deep purple morning glory pop up in my flower bed it didnt come back this year. But it must have been wild too it did not seem that invasive. It only grew to about four feet long and then just kept climbing back to where it started and back to the end and so on. I wish it would have come back I would have put a trellis in for it.

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blvg, make sure you don't plant bindweed in your yard. It LOOKS like a MG and is the weed from ----!!! You'll never get rid of it!!!! The purple one is fine! :) arum

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blacklogvalleygirl - Can you send me photos of what you have..

I can most likely ID them from photos...and if you have something that interests me we could do a trade..

Send me an -email via my page here

Talk to you...


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