How tough are wisteria roots?

mpg2004May 8, 2012


We purchased a home with a 3-4 year old wisteria arbor around the patio. The arbor is lovely and I don't want to do anything to damage the wisteria! However, there is grass growing right up to the trunks of the wisteria, and I would like to remove the grass and add in a paver edge against the grass filled in with river rock so that I don't have to try and mow or trim around the wisteria as I don't want to damage the trunks. I did an exploratory excavation the other day and found a wisteria root about 1 inch under the sod -- not deep enough to lay the paver on top of. Do most wisteria roots tend to run deeper than this? Can I safely cut this one root or does it sound like going ahead with this project could damage the wisteria?

thanks for any advice!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Wisteria have a lot of roots period! I wouldn't be the least bit concerned about cutting a few. A couple of years ago we added a new bed near both the Chinese wisteria tree and the young Japanese one. We dug up roots of both when we were digging out the bed. The wisterias didn't even blink :-)

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Chinese or Japanese wisteria roots could probably survive a ground-zero nuclear blast. Cut away!

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