Virginia Creeper and Foot Traffic

KlutteryMay 1, 2014

I live in the southeast, where this vine grows abundantly. My backyard is filled with it. I love its autumn color and, being an avid birder, appreciate the berries it produces for my feathered friends.

I'm toying with the idea of transplanting some to the front near the foundation. My plan is to grow it most as a ground cover but also allow a little bit to scale a wall.

The area won't be walked upon other than an occasional pruning to keep the vine in check and weeding of unwanted stuff growing. Will it tolerate such low-level foot traffic?

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"Will it tolerate such low-level foot traffic?" Yes, it grows as a volunteer (ie weed) in one of my perennial beds where it has similar conditions. Good luck keeping it where you want it. I don't find that it grows densely enough to serve well as a ground cover; you may want to mulch under it to reduce weeds. I like Virginia creeper in the wilder areas of my property, but it spreads in unwelcome ways in the more managed areas.

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Thanks for taking time to respond.

A few days ago, I forged ahead with my project of transplanting several cuttings from my backyard to the front foundation. It didn't work as I had hoped.

I read that cutting a young stem just below a node and inserting it in soil would cause it to root. All my cuttings died within a day.

Perhaps I did something wrong, or more time is needed for new shoots to develop, or maybe it's a sign that my idea isn't as good as I thought.

I'm leaning toward it's being a "sign" and have already begun to rethink what I might do in that space instead.

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