mixing worms with corn based compostable cups

biodynamicenthusiastJune 5, 2013

I am curious if the worms can handle composting the cups and flatwear that are made from a corn base, but are labeled as compostable. Before investing in a big project, I would want to know how they could handle it. Most composting facilities in the area want their waste to be decomposed by forty five days, and these cups are said to take sixty to ninety days, but less if you make them smaller first. Does anyone know if the worms are up to the task? (not sure what kind of worms, I'm in the Pacific Northwest)

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Well, worms ain't got no teeth, so they gotta wait to eat until the foodstuff has become really soft.

I can relate.


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I vermicomposted a cup. It came out the other side uglier and weaker but not composted.

Plus I have great wonder. The cups decompose but do they go back to nature? Or are they simply micro bits of plastic held together with corn starch, then the corn starch dissolves leaving the micro plastic in the compost?

Thus I tossed the cup into the garbage.

It was sad.

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