Bleeding heart Vine - Is it dying? Please help!

edj886May 5, 2009

Hello, I'm new to this forum.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Around the beginning of this year (which is end of Summer), I've acquired a bleeding heart vine from ebay. it was a tiny healthy rooted plant and then it grew abit and shoot out many new leaves. However now that we are approaching winter and the temperature outside has dropped to zero degrees (or sometime even below zero degrees) overnight in the odd occassions, I've decided to move my bleeding heart vine indoor near the windor (north facing - I think) where it gets morning sun light. However I notice that it stops shooting new leaves and also the old leaves are dropping. Now it is almost to a bare branch, althought I can see some leaves are starting to grow on the top branch.. but plant still look quite bare. Is this normal? Will the plant come back to live in spring or summer? As I didn't even get the chance to see it in bloom, I really hope it can make it through the cold winter, although we have the heaters on inside when it gets really cold anyway. I would appreciate if anyone have any tips on how to keep this plant alive.

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