citrus trees no leaves-

flowerlover78(8b)March 29, 2011

well I have a handful of trees that did not do too well with the cold snap, I did wrap them, however I think a tad too late. However- the trees are still alive just no leaves so far, I do have several of them growing from rootstock under the graft point. Do you think the tops will come back, I had heard not to give up until at least May- I do know that the trunks and most of the thicker branches are still alive and green. - what is your opinion? I did however have a lemon that did amazing and is full of leaves, also a key lime and a valencia- so there is just about 4 others that are up in the air, 3 of them do have shoots coming from under the graft. thanks

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i had an orange tree. didn't get it wrapped in time. the leaves r all dried up. but still hoping. be eager to see what eveyone has to say. joyce

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

The graft top is the tree you bought. The graft bottom is a root stock tree that may or may not be what you want. It may have thorns. Do a scratch test. If the wood above the graft is green your tree is still alive. If not, you have root stock. If you have green above the graft but allow the tree below the graft to develope leaves it will choke out the tree you bought for the root stock tree.

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thanks all- I know that the rootstock is not what I want and I know the tops are still green, I knicked them- I will just cut the suckers from the bottom and hope for the best.

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My lemon tree also took a bad hit from the 13 degree spell. However, in the past week, it has sprouted fresh leaves on the upper branches that were still green. Probly not get any lemons this year, but at least its living. Its not a grafted tree, I got it from a local nursery that either used seeds or cuttings. Year before last it had 7 lemons, past year, none.

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