argose83March 14, 2009

I was wondering two things....does anyone know if the acai palm from Brazil can grow here in Texas? and if so where i could purchase one to plant? I've done a web search but all they want to sell me is the weight loss supplement but i think it would be really cool to grow the plant and actually try the berrys for fun ;)

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If you'll change your search phrase to 'acai palm tree' there is all sorts of info, including trees for sale.

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I am a big fan of the acai berry and its benefits and have done a lot of research on it.

From what I understand the Acai Palm has not done well outside of the Amazon rain forest. Something about recreating the conditions under which it thrives. Apparently the palm is almost completely under water for part of the year.

It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. There are several ways to obtain the berry other than as a weight loss supplement. You can get it in juice form also. You want a product from a company that has freezed dried the berry soon after harvesting. Otherwise it looses its potency.

Just research the product and make sure it is listed at the top of the ingredients list to get the most from the berry.


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I drink the R.W. Knudsen Acai berry juice. The most economical place I have found to purchase it is at Sprout's.

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dragonfly_wings(Z8 - Central TX.)

I had the most delicious acai smoothie at a little stand in
Austin that's part of The Great Outdoors nursery on S. Congress. So I got the name of the product (which is frozen) and ordered it online. Here's a link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Sambazon

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seagrapes(z8b TX/Austin (Georgetown))

Açai palms (Euterpe oleracea) can technically be grown in TX, BUT they will not tolerate much freezing. Maybe Brownsville near a waterway or a protected spot in Galveston (bay side). They need high humidity and lots of rainfall/irrigation. A close relative, Euterpe edulis, is slightly more hardy and can survive to 26F in winter. These palms grow OK in south Florida, so they can be grown outside of the Amazon with success.

As far as purchasing, seeds are pretty easy to get online from various vendors. Plants can be gotten from online nurseries specializing in palms, but will cost quite a bit more. If you're serious about getting one, you should check out where someone is likely to be growing it...

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ok thanks that helps ;)

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I got some large acai palms at that are growing pretty good. I didn't have any luck with the ones I got on Ebay. I get the frozen Sambazon acai too. The frozen pulp costs about $7 per pound here in Florida.

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Thats great joe but acaifarms is also overpriced. Theres lots of cheap palms and seeds available if you google acai seeds. Do some more research next time.

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As far as super-fruits, gogiberry is much more suitable to grow in Texas. I'm going to grow some myself because the berries which originate in China to be sold here are not considered safe, since that government doesn't care about toxic contamination as long as not too many customers find out about it. Also Chilean Guava is really good for you and grows in most Texas climates...even Pineapple Guava if temps don't get too low where you live.

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Pomegranates are awesome and grow in semi harsh areas. Theyll do great in texas.

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I also bought mine from Acai Farms. Yes you can get seeds cheaper like frmmi said, but I wanted bigger trees and wanted them fast. I was glad to pay the price and got three large trees for my money. They came healthy and seem to be doing well so far. I live in Zone 5 so put them in my solarium/greenhouse we enclosed ourselves under grow light. Acai Farms worked well for me. This year after three of us dealt with serious health issues, getting organic fruit grown here and fast was our only concern.

I tried seeds a year ago off the internet, but none of them sprouted even with the instructions followed to a letter. It was a dissapointing experience but now I can hope to keep these alive and have fruit in a year or so.

I guess it depends on your personal needs for how fast you want them. If you want them big and fast then Acai Farms is a good way to go.

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Acai Palms(Euterpe oleracea) are ultra-tropicals(much more tender then coconut palms), you could probably get away with one for two or three winters on South Padre Island, but anything slightly below 40 should do them in. A similar palm, also called Acai Palm is Euterpe precatoria, it's native to a higher altitude, so is a little hardier. You could probably grow those in Harlingen/Brownsville/Port Isabel. Maybe even coastal Corpus Christi and Galveston Island.

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Try the link bellow. Excellent service. Great prices.

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