Two honeysuckle together?

eclecticcottage(6b wny)May 2, 2013

I've seen it done with clemais-can I plant two next to each other to twine them together? I LOVE Major Wheeler, but was pondering twining it with a Scentsation for the scent. Thoughts?

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If it's done in the ground, I don't see a problem with your idea. If it's in a pot, that's another matter. Honeysuckles have massive roots and it would take a mighty big pot to accomodate two vines in one pot.

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One is evergreen, the other not. One is a big vine, the other quite petite as honeysuckles go. One needs annual pruning and the other does not. For these reasons, I would not recommend planting the two together. Diffcult to maintain well and one will overwhelm the other.

Combining two very similar in habit and growth characteristics - like the successful clematis pairings - is one thing. Combining two distict species wtih widely different growing habits is another and pretty much a recipe for less than happy results.

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