passion flower/maypop vine herbicide?

toad08(7 South Carolina)May 19, 2008

Last year I dug up maypop (Passeflora incarnata) plants and roots. This year they came back. Does anyone know of a herbicide that would eradicate maypop? When I dug them last year I was careful to dig every little piece of root since any left behind would grow into a new plant.

The maypop grows like kuzu in my yard and I need to get rid of the maypop where it is growing.

I found a website which suggests using Roundup-Pro (glyphosate) when the maypop starts to bloom. My maypops have buds on them now. The website suggests using the glyphosate at a 1% rate. What does a rate of 1% mean?

Thanks for your help.

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Have you ever tried Vine-X? That's supposed to be a good herbicide. Before you kill them off I'd love to get a couple rooted suckers from you. I can send you postage or if you are interested in a trade I have lots of plants available.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vine-X

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