What other vines to grow together with Mandevilla?

house_first_timer(9)May 26, 2010

I'm growing Mandevilla on a 6 X 7 trellis. I would like to grow some other vines with it. I'm thinking of morning glory. Will this work?

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May be too late to offer my opinion but I wouldn't touch Morning Glories! I have spent a month trying to get rid of mine....they grow EVERYWHERE and will take over the world. They are pretty in bloom but they will spread and strangle anything around and very resistant to normal weed killers. They should be banned from nurseries IMO.

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Thanks for your feedback. That's what I'm worried about morning glory too but I would like something to cover the trellis quickly. So far, I have paired up the black eye susan vine with the mandevilla, they are growing slowly so far:(

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