Mouldy banana skins

organic_wonderfulJune 11, 2011

I have one of those kitchen composting caddies that you put your kitchen waste into. Since I eat a lot of bananas, the banana skins build up in there. The ones at the bottom have become quite moldy, and I was wondering whether the mouldy bits at the bottom are still okay to put into my wormery?

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Toss em in. The worms love them.

Dave Nelson

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Yup, worms love mold. I'm assuming from your handle that you're talking about organic bananas. There's been some discussion that non-organic bananas have been sprayed with something that inhibits worm reproduction. I haven't noticed it because banana skins are a very small % of my food scraps and I have large worm bins. But it's something to consider for those with smaller bins and lots of banana skins.


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Possibly empty more frequently or eat more vegetables so it gets full and then needs emptying more often. Or tear into inch size pieces the cardboard carton from the eggs and put this at the bottom of the caddy. This will make the enviornment dryer and less mushy on the bottom and keep the container pleasanter. When adding the contents of the container to the bin the carton can go in too.

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